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My name is Alvin Aguilar and this is my first blog entry. In an attempt to reach out and provide the world with information, my perspective, or a look over my shoulder – I created this site. There are so many things happening around me and there are a number of resources available online to keep yourselves up to date with the latest in the Philippine Mixed Martial Arts Scene. But what I am offering here are my opinions and stories as I experience them – a fresh perspective from my point of view of not just Pinoy MMA and its growth in the country and the world, but also my life as it is has somehow managed to intertwine with MMA. Before I begin with my hundreds of entries to come, I would like to formally introduce myself to this thing called The World Wide Web:

You may or may not have heard before but, I have been practicing martial arts since i was 9 years old. My martial arts quest began as a little boy’s dream to become a ninja – this of course was after watching too many movies! Throughout this martial arts journey of mine I have had the good fortune of training with some of the best martial artists and fighters in the world. My whole adult life has been consumed with either training, learning, fighting or competing, where I have seen and been part of both the good and the bad side of the martial arts. Along the way i have reached the instructor status in several arts and this quest for learning has led me to start both the Mixed martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu movement in the Philippines. The movement and its growth in the country is what brought me to take our legacy and potential to greater heights. For this very reason, I am the founder of the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC). It is the country’s first and biggest mixed martial arts promotion that is now one of the longest running shows in Asia. I also started the DEFTAC-Ribiero Jiu-jitsu team which currently is the most successful BJJ/MMA team in the Philippines. My thirst for knowledge is now stronger than ever, I am always actively out to learn more and more. I spend a lot of my time imparting the knowledge I have gained at the BAMF MMA CENTER; the main gym of DEFTAC, the school I started and the place where I teach everyday.

Again, I put this site up so I can share my insights, some news, stories and techniques about the martial arts i train and practice in. It is also my goal to make this site loaded with valuable information which will make you a better martial artist. Here goes I hope you all enjoy.

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  1. Edwin Andrew Jovellanos says:

    Good day sir Alvin,

    I’ve read about the story of your journey in the martial arts world and just like many other filipinos, I am very much motivated. You sir, are a good example to us all. More power to you.

    I also would like to open this up to you sir, as I am just a small gentle guy who is always intimidated by big athletic men, and being bullied is never new to me. I have always been a victim of it since I was a young boy, but my family just ignores it though its unhealthy effect on me may last my entire lifetime. So finally, I came to a decision (which I strongly believe is right) to empower myself by providing it with true confidence in a safe and comprehensive way.

    Sir Alvin, I have read here in your blog that you’ve learned your gracie jiujitsu in gracie academy, torrance, california…just a question, do you offer training for gracie jiujitsu self defense program, as in the gracie way like that curriculum being practiced in gracie academy?

    Thank you so much sir…more power to you.

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